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1. name: arle. pronounced like harley withouth the h. (sorry a lot of people get it wrong)
2. age: 20
3. location: beverly, massachusetts.
4. five favorite bands: bruce springsteen, squad five-o, death cab for cutie, cursive, mewithoutyou.
5. five bands/artists you hate: brand new, avril lavigine, drowning pool, korn, backstreet boys.
6. describe yourself in 3 words: let. it. rock.
7. five favorite movies: donnie darko, boondock saints, mad max, zoolander, drop dead fred.
8. do you drink/ smoke: i drink but dont smoke.
9. do you think youll be accepted: im 50 50 kinda.
10. if accepted what can you do for this community: well im generally pretty active on these things so i would imagine i would just promote and vote and have a good time.
11. one another person/community you promoted in: im workin on it. i have a few.
12: one question we should ask future applicants: hmm.. "do you like pina coladas?" <-song reference. or just opinions on current issues.
13. are you fashion: not quite.
14. three or more pictures:

oh yah and one last question:
ur at a stop light and the asian man next to u is digging in his nose
you...a)point and laugh
b) think its a good idea and poke ur own nose
c) gag and run the red light

a. hahahaha

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u got it..yes.
yes, but i want to see more pic of ur face into the camera..and ar eu a red head originally? cause if you are LET IT BE! I LOOOOOOVVEEE read heads, dont ask, just a think that I've always had
yes im a natural redhead. hehe.. ♥ thanks.
umm..i made some changes..and uh ur gonna have to re-add your self to the like a part of yea but like dont fuckn click the little guy with the plus sign on him..u have to go to the part where it says..

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thnx dummy
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