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name - megan.
age - sixteen.
location - pencil-vein-ya.
(five) favorite bands - a static lullaby, blood brothers, the sounds, dead poetic, pretty girls make graves, tegan &sara, etc.
five bands/artists you hate - slipknot, avril, country, kid rock, u2.
describe yourself in 3 words - fun, crazy, neat.
five favorite movies - i don't watch many movies, so i'll say... girl interrupted, alice in wonderland (total badass, don't kid yourself.), slc punk, pulp fiction, old school.
do you drink/smoke - drink-seldom, smoke-no.
do you think you'll be accepted - yes.
if accepted what can you do for this community - do as everyone else and 'vote' on whoever else tries to join.
one another person/community you promoted in - well, most of the communities i'm in.
one question we should ask future applicants - WHY - they think they would/should be accepted/rejected.
are you fashion - heck yea.
three or more pictures -

your at a stop light and the asian man next to you is digging in his nose you...
a)point and laugh.
b) think it's a good idea and poke your own nose.
c) gag and run the red light.

A. point&laugh.
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