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kaytee, i'm posting biznach! I'll make this community spread like the PLAUGE!

1. name:Angelyque (I usually go by Ange)
2. age:16(gonna be 17 in july)
3. location:santa monica
4. five favorite bands:ok..thats like impossible to answer cause music if my fucking life. So i'm gonna ignore the question and put as many as i want mmuuhahahha..

Glass jaw, coheed and cambria, juliana theory, tsunami bomb, cursive, brand new, chopin, bjork, led zeppelin, the used, nofx, straylight run, the plot to blow up the eiffel tower, bob marley, the mars volta, sublime, rhcp, modest mouse, fugazi, from autumn to ashes, poison the well, portishead, tool, the casualties, anti-flag, pedro the lion, ani difranco, give em the clap, let live, incubus, finch, total system failure, united struggle, rush, the cure, patsy cline, loudermilk, blindside, rage, bleeding through, saosin,the kinsen, Thursday, bright eyes, silver chair, pink floyd, doors, rufio, chevelle, a.f.i, pretty girls make graves, riff raff, X, tsol, pixies, adicts, violent femmes, koop, norma jean, bane, everytime I die, inevitably throw down, nekromantix, the fire theft, my chemical romance, new amsterdamns, werewolf with robot hands

5. five bands/artists you hate: share, avril livigne, kid rock, any bad 80's hair bands,
6. describe yourself in 3 words: skilled like skittels
7. five favorite movies: donnie darko, pulp fiction, kill bill, chicago, the hot chick
8. do you drink/ smoke:ocasioanlly
9. do you think youll be accepted:yea, cause kaytee wants to jack off to my pic
10. if accepted what can you do for this community: be uber cool
11. one another person/community you promoted in: cuter_than_you_
12: one question we should ask future applicants: do you play any instruments/in a band?
13. are you fashion:nah, i just do me
14. three or more pictures:

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